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Organic Vetiver Essential Oil

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: vetiveria zizanoides
ORIGIN: Sri Lanka
FRAGRANCE: citrus, heavy, slightly sweet, tobacco-like, woodsy
BLENDS WELL WITH: cedarwood, chamomile, frankincense, ginger, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemongrass, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, spikenard, vanilla, violet, ylang ylang
PHYSICAL & AROMATIC BENEFITS: aggression, anchoring, balancing, exhaustion, grounding, relaxing, soothing, stress, antiseptic, arthritis, emollient, fixative, immunity stimulant, insomnia, male infertility, muscular relaxant, neuralgia, rheumatism, sedative
MAGICAL USES: divination, exorcism, love, money, peace, protection, unhexing.

GCMS Information:

 Chemical Constituents Percentage
Khusinol 15.9
Vetivenene 2.6
 Vativon 1.8

Vetiver Information:

The Essential Oil of Vetiver is obtained through steam distillation of its roots and its main components are alpha vetivone, benzoic acid, beta vetivone, furfurol, vetiverol, vetivene, and vetivenyl vetivenate. Its essential oil is also used extensively in perfume industries (perfumes for body, room fresheners, coolers etc.), cosmetics, soaps, oils and as a flavouring agent in beverages and sorbets and food stuffs.


Anti-inflammatory: an agent that prevents or counteracts inflammation.
Antiseptic: a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Aphrodisiac: arouses or intensifies sexual desire.
Cicatrizant: a healing agent.
Nervine: acts upon or affects the nerves; quiets nervous excitement.
Sedative: Calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing.
Tonic: restorative and curative; intended to invigorate.

Safety Warning: Never ingest essential oils without a prescription. Use carrier oil when applying to skin.

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