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Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: cymbopogon schoenanthus
ORIGIN: Sri Lanka
PARTS USED: grass (leaves)
FRAGRANCE: crisp, grass-like, lemon-like, tart
BLENDS WELL WITH: citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine, lavender, palmarosa, vetiver
PHYSICAL & AROMATIC BENEFITS: cleansing, concentration, exhaustion, invigorating, irritability, mental fatigue, stress, vitalizing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic, arthritis, astringent, athlete's foot, bruises, cellulite, circulatory stimulant, deodorant, diuretic, enlarged pores, febrifuge, headaches, indigestion, insect repellent, jet lag, moth repellent, muscular aches, nervine, oily hair, oily skin, raises blood pressure, sedative, skin conditioner, sprains, toning, vertigo.
MAGICAL USES: psychic awareness, psychic energy, purification, spirituality.

GCMS Information:

 Chemical Constituents
Neral (cis citral)
Geranial (trans-citral)
Geranyl Acetate

Lemongrass Information:

Cymbopogon schoenanthus, AKA camel grass, camel's hay, fever grass, geranium grass, or West Indian lemongrass is an herbal plant of southern Asia and northern Africa, with fragrant foliage. The grass is used in countless beverages (including tea), desserts and other forms of culinary as a flavoring agent, where fresh lemon is not available or is not to be used. It is also popular in Chinese and Thai recipes.


Analgesic: Reduces pain and inflammation.
Antibacterial: kills or inhibits bacteria.
Antidepressant: Boosts self esteem, confidence, hope, and mental strength, uplifts spirit and fights depression. Also relieves anxiety.
Antimicrobial: capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microbes.
Antipyretic: An agent that brings down very high fever.
Antiseptic: a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Astringent: a substance that draws tissue together, restricting the flow of blood.
Carminative: relieves discomfort of gas in the digestive tract.
Deodorant: Any agent acting to eliminate, reduce, mask, or control odor.
Diuretic: increases the amount or frequency of urination.
Febrifuge: reduces fever.
Fungicidal: having the ability to control or destroy fungus.
Galactogogue: A substance or an agent that increases formation of milk in the breasts. It also enhances the quality of milk.
Insecticidal: Lemongrass is quite popular as an insect repellent.
Nervine: acts upon or affects the nerves; quiets nervous excitement.
Sedative: Calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing
Tonic: restorative and curative; intended to invigorate.
Other Benefits: Helps cure cellulite, fungal infections, digestive problems, and reduces excessive perspiration.

Safety Warning: Phototoxic. Avoid during pregnancy or if history of high blood pressure. Avoid use on sensitive skin. Never ingest essential oils without a prescription. Use carrier oil when applying to skin.

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