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Organic Hyssop Essential Oil

Organic Hyssop Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: hyssopus officinalis
PARTS USED: leaves, flowering tops
FRAGRANCE: sweet, camphorous, warm, spicy, herbaceous
BLENDS WELL WITH: lavender, rosemary, myrtle, bay leaf, clary sage, geranium, citrus oils.
AROMATIC & PHYSICAL USES: skin care, circulation, muscles, joints, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, nervous system, soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, induces contractions in gums, muscles, skin and blood vessels, clears spasm, relieves gas, heals scars and stretch-marks, promotes digestion, increases urination, promotes menstruations, treats phlegm and cough, increases blood pressure, good for nerves, promotes sweating, tones up body, reduces fever, kills worms, heals wounds.
MAGICAL USES: purification, protection.


Antibacterial: kills or inhibits bacteria.
Antiseptic: a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Antispasmodic: referring to something that suppresses spasms.
Astringent: a substance that draws tissue together, restricting the flow of blood.
Carminative: relieves discomfort of gas in the digestive tract.
Cicatrizant: a healing agent.
Digestive: relating to the digestive tract; having the ability to promote digestion.
Diuretic: increases the amount or frequency of urination.
Emmenagogue: stimulates bloodflow to pelvic and uterus, causing menstration.
Expectorant: a substance used to cause or induce expulsion of phlegm from the lungs.
Febrifuge: reduces fever.
Nervine: acts upon or affects the nerves; quiets nervous excitement.
Sedative: Calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing.
Sudorific: produces sweat.
Tonic (heart and circulatory): restorative and curative; intended to invigorate.
Vermifuge: something that acts as a drug to cause expulsion or death of intestinal worms.

Safety Warning: Avoid in pregnancy, if you have high blood pressure, and if epileptic. Never ingest essential oils without a prescription. Use carrier oil when applying to skin.

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