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Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: eucalyptus globulus
PARTS USED: leaves, twigs
FRAGRANCE: camphorous, fresh, strong
BLENDS WELL WITH: benzoin, caraway, cedarwood, juniper, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, marjoram, peppermint, pine, ravensara, rosemary, thyme.
PHYSICAL & AROMATIC BENEFITS: balancing, cooling, invigorating, stimulating, acne, analgesic, animal bites, antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bedbugs, bleeding gums, blisters, bronchitis, burns, candida, chapped lips, chlamydia, colds, coughs, cuts, cystitis, dandruff, decongestant, deodorant, diabetes, diarrhea, disinfectant, diuretic, drug withdrawal, ear infections, earaches, febrifuge, fibrositis, flatulence, flea repellent, gingivitis, hay fever, heartburns, heatstrokes, hyperprexia, insect bites, insect repellent, itching, jet lag, lice, lower abdominal pain, lumbago, muscular aches, muscular dystrophy, muscular fatigue, neuralgia, normal hair, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, prostatitis, rashes, rheumatoid arthritis, rosacea, sinusitis, spina bifida, stomachaches, sunburns, swelling, synovitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, thrush, upper abdominal pain, urticaria, vaginal infections, windburn.
MAGICAL USES: healing, health (maintain), protection, psychic energy, purification.

GCMS Information:

Chemical Constituents  Percentage
Eucalyptol 80.43
l-Limonene 9.24
Terpinolene 3.95
alpha-Pinene 2.59
P-cymene 1.62

Eucalyptus Information:

Eucalyptus essential oil is colorless and has a distinct taste and odor. Though eucalyptus essential oil has most of the properties of a typical volatile oil, it was not very popular as an aromatherapy oil as it was little known before a few centuries. Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from fresh leaves of the tall evergreen eucalyptus tree. The tree is also known as fever tree, blue gum tree, or stringy bark tree. Eucalyptus is native to Australia but has spread to many other parts of the world including India, Europe and South Africa. Due to its many medicinal uses it is used in a variety of over the counter drugs including rubs, inhalers, liniments, rash creams, and mouthwashes.


Analgesic: any medicine that reduces pain without inducing unconsciousness.
Antibacterial: kills or inhibits bacteria.
Antibiotic: any substance that can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria and similar microorganisms.
Anti-inflammatory: an agent that prevents or counteracts inflammation.
Antiseptic: a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Antispasmodic: referring to something that suppresses spasms.
Antiviral: inhibits the growth and production of a virus.
Deodorant: Any agent acting to eliminate, reduce, mask, or control odor.
Disinfectant: a substance that kills germs and/or viruses.
Diuretic: increases the amount or frequency of urination.
Febrifuge: reduces fever.
Stomachic: related to the stomach; beneficial to the stomach or digestion.

Safety Warning: Avoid if using homeopathic remedies, history of epilepsy or high blood pressure. Never ingest essential oils without a prescription. Use carrier oil when applying to skin.

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