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Oregano Essential Oil - Origanum

Origanum Oregano Essential Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: origanum vulgare
ORIGIN: Hungary
PARTS USED: whole plant
FRAGRANCE: herby, thyme-like, camphorous
BLENDS WELL WITH: bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, tea tree.
AROMATIC BENEFITS: analgesic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, antiviral, bactericidal, carminative, choleretic, cytophylactic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, fungicidal, parasiticide, rubefacient, stimulant and tonic.
MAGICAL USES: happiness, tranquility.

GCMS Information:

Chemical Constituents  %
Carvacrol  68.18
p-Cymene  11.69
gamma-Terpinene  8.57
alpha-Pinene  2.91
Thymol  2.27
beta-Caryophyllene  1.85
Mycrene  1.43
D-Limonene  1.41

Health Benefits of Oregano:

Due to high carvacrol content, Origanum Essential Oil is considered to be "nature's cure all" as it is reputed to have one of the best antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Definitions of Therapeutic Properties:

Analgesic: any medicine that reduces pain without inducing unconsciousness.
Anitrheumatic: prevents and/or relieves rheumatic pain and swelling.
Antiseptic: a substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Antispasmodic: referring to something that suppresses spasms.
Antiviral: inhibits the growth and production of a virus.
Carminative: relieves discomfort of gas in the digestive tract.
Diuretic: increases the amount or frequency of urination.
Emmenagogue: stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, causing menstruation.
Expectorant: a substance used to cause or induce expulsion of phlegm from the lungs.
Febrifuge: reduces fever.
Rubefacient: increases local blood circulation, can causes minor skin irritation, vasodilatation and local analgesic effect.
Tonic: restorative and curative; intended to invigorate.

Safety Warning: Origanum Essential Oil is both a dermal irritant and a mucous membrane irritant. Not recommended for use with diffusers. Avoid use if pregnant.

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