The Organic Witch
Certified Aromatherapist

Nahimana, Mystic Goddess of the Medicine Wheel

Nahimana is a Native American goddess of my own devising. Nahimana means 'Mystic' in the Sioux language. She is symbolic of the strong, resilient Indian women who lived off this land for thousands of years before and after the coming of the white man. She is a medicine woman and holds a fanciful medicine wheel in her hands- Each of it’s four quarters show one of the seasons of the year. There is an animal symbol for each season done in differing tribal styles to honor all Native Americans.

The card is blank inside and measure 4.75” x 6.5”. On the back is the title and a description of the featured art. Each card is accompanied by a white envelope and both the card and envelope come wrapped in sealed cellophane.