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Moon Chants

In the velvet night sky the opal crescent moon and a million diamond stars smile down on Mother Earth as she turns the wheel of the seasons.

Best-selling author Marie Bruce,multi-instrumentalist Chris Conway, and popular New Age artists Llewellyn & Juliana have collaborated to bring you Moon Chants.
Take a journey through the seasons and chant along to raise the magical power of your own rituals. Moon Chants was created to be a working magical tool in its own right and is designed to amplify the powerful energies both covens and hedge-witches raise in Circle.

Use these inspirational ‘working’ tracks to attune with pagan deities Herne the Hunter, Persephone, Demeter and Epona; and commune with magical archetypes such as dryads, sylphs, undines, nymphs and the winter goddess as Snow Queen. Moon Chants can be used every day of the year for as long as the Wheel turns and is destined to become an essential magical tool for all serious magical practitioners and all those who love sacred pagan song.

1. Moonchant                                             LISTEN
2. Earth, Moon and Sun                              LISTEN
3. Dryad Awakening                                    LISTEN
4. Song of the Sylph                                   LISTEN
5. Bsllad of the Beltaine Fire - Nymph          LISTEN
6. Lady of the Sea                                      LISTEN
7. In the Arms of the Mother                        LISTEN
8. Call to Epona                                         LISTEN
9. Persephone's Descent                            LISTEN
10. Demeter's Tears                                    LISTEN
11. The Wild Hunt                                       LISTEN
12. Ancestral Voices                                   LISTEN
13. Charm of Orion                                     LISTEN
14. Winter's Nocture                                   LISTEN
15. Cakes and Ale                                      LISTEN
16. Song of the Snow Queen                       LISTEN
17. Cosmis Dancer                                     LISTEN