The Organic Witch
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Goddess Greeting Cards

by Holly Sierra

We have teamed up with artist Holly Sierra to bring you these beautiful, magical, fine art cards. Express yourself with mystical pictures to inspire the Goddess within. Every card is a world within a world… look closely and you’ll see something new every time! Evident in every print, the artist puts her heart and soul into each creation.

          Gaia                                 Harvest Goddess

       Madre Natura                                      Mermaid Sirene

     Nahimana                              Peace Goddess

The cards are blank inside and measure 4.75” x 6.5”. On the back is the title and a description of the featured art. Each card is accompanied by a white envelope and both the card and envelope come wrapped in sealed cellophane. The cards will not arrive with a watermark.

Artist Bio: My paintings are about color, magic and mystery. I am inspired by languorous meadows, the buzz of the honeybee, the wildflowers of the wood and the moon’s reflection in the sea....I love creating Goddess and nature paintings with details from a myriad of ethnic cultures and mystical lore. I am a Magical, Mystical, Earthy Artist from beautiful Stowe, Vermont. Here are some things I love: Tarot Cards, The Greenman, Native Americana, Celtic Art, Goddesses, Honeybees, Teas, Travel, Animals, Nature, Music, Art, Wicca, The Pagan Wheel of the Year and the Olde Ways. I collect and adore BOOKS!!! You can find me painting beside a crackling fire or hiking in the Vermont woods.