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Catnip Essential Oil

Catnip Essential Oil from The Organic WitchBOTANICAL NAME: nepeta cataria (Nepatalactone free)
ORIGIN: Canada
PARTS USED: flowers
FRAGRANCE: herbaceous, woody, pungent, resembling pennyroyal or citronella
BLENDS WELL WITH: eucalyptus, lemon, lime, myrrh, peppermint, other citrus oils
AROMATIC & PHYSICAL USES: anesthetic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, emmenagogue, febrifuge, nervine, sedative, tonic, chills, colds in the joints, muscle aches, rheumatism, insomnia, nervous tension, colic, flatulence.
MAGICAL USES: cat magic, love, beauty, happiness


Antispasmodic: referring to something that suppresses spasms.
Astringent: a substance that draws tissue together, restricting the flow of blood.
Carminative: relieves discomfort of gas in the digestive tract.
Emmenagogue: stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, causing menstruation.
Febrifuge: reduces fever.
Nervine: acts upon or affects the nerves; quiets nervous excitement.
Sedative: Calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing
Tonic: restorative and curative; intended to invigorate.

Safety Warning: Possible toxic effects in concentration. Avoid during pregnancy. Never ingest essential oils without a prescription. Use carrier oil when applying to skin.

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